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For high-quality Topsoil suitable for all domestic & commercial applications, get in touch with Get Stone Direct today


Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil and is full or organic matter and nutrients to help trees, plants, lawns and shrubs thrive. As it plays such as important part in the overall structure and success of a garden or other outdoor space, ensuring that you invest in high-quality topsoil is a must.

Here at Get Stone Direct, we provide top-quality topsoil suitable for all applications. From garden landscaping to lawn planting, our topsoil can be used to provide a solid foundation for all organic matter.

With decades of experience in the supply of topsoil, Get Stone Direct is passionate about offering unparalleled customer service, ensuring that your topsoil is delivered quickly and efficiently, working around your schedule to ensure that we provide a reliable and stress-free service for you.

Our topsoil can be purchased as a standalone product or in conjunction with our stone, sand, and gravel supplies for a full-service landscaping solution.

With past customers including everyone from homeowners to landscapers and construction companies, we offer a range of topsoil for all applications.
Alongside our topsoil, we also provide high-quality bark mulch and flood bags at great prices.


To order topsoil for your landscaping project, contact the team today


Whether you’re planting your first garden or require topsoil to plan a new lawn, we can help. Get Stone Direct is a Dublin domestic topsoil provider offering fast delivery of high-quality topsoil suitable for use in the home.


Get Stone Direct also offers a commercial topsoil service, providing quality topsoil suitable for landscaping, construction, garden planning, and more. Our Dublin commercial topsoil is delivered quickly and comes in a range of sizes to ensure flexibility and versatility for all industries.


Domestic Landscaping
Commercial Landscaping
Lawn Planting
Shrubbery Planting
Vegetable Garden Planting
Plant Bedding
Garden Mapping
Turf Laying
Lawn Patch Repair
Raised Bed Planting
Hole Filling


Where can I find topsoil near me?

Get Stone Direct is a Dublin topsoil provider offering quick delivery on topsoil for customers across Dublin and the surrounding areas.

What is topsoil used for?

Topsoil is used for a range of applications including lawn planting, vegetable garden planting, raised bed planting, lawn repairs, and more. This type of soil is rich in nutrients and is used as the main foundation and top layer of soil for lawns and gardens.

How much does topsoil cost?

The price of topsoil varies depending on the amount you require. Get in touch today for a free quote on our range of topsoil size options.

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