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What Are the Best Stone Supplies for Domestic Use?

Investing in high-quality stone for the outside of your home not only enhances the overall look and feel of your property but greatly improves drainage and stability, too.

Whether you own a wide-spanning garden and require decorative stone to add those finishing touches, or simply need a driveway covered in small chips to make it look and feel better, our team can help. As Dublin’s leading stone supplier, Get Stone Direct offers a wide variety of products suitable for all types of homes and properties in our locality and the surrounds. Here are some of our favourite stone supplies when it comes to domestic properties.



Unlike standard stone supplies, such as washed pebblechip, decorative stone serves an important function while also looking great. As the name suggests, decorative stones are quarried for their unique colours and shapes and look fantastic when used in and around the home. While these stones look great, they also offer great drainage and paving capabilites, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on either style or functionality. Our range of decorative stone supplies include beach pebble, white limestone, gold flint, polished pebbles and many, many more. These stones can be installed in feature gardens, on pathways, and even as feature walls or mosaics being made on property walls.



For clients who want to landscape their garden, you can’t go wrong with bulk-buying gravel and/or sand. Similar to stone, but not as bulky, sand and gravel provide excellent drainage capabilities but also offer a fantastic base for planting lawns, flowerbeds, shrubbery, and hedges. Get Stone Direct offers a range of sand and gravel products suitable for all applications, boasting a massive array of products tailored to suit your specific needs. From paving sand to help construct pathways around your home to stunning white sand for decorative use in gardens, our team is happy to help you find the exact match for your next garden and landscaping project.



Following on from our sand and gravel products, if you are planning a landscaping or gardening project, purchasing domestic topsoil is a great way of ensuring stability and fertilisation for whatever organic matter you’re planting. Domestic topsoil is filled with nutrients and offers a great base for any garden, including new bedding boxes and full lawns. Here at Get Stone Direct, we stock a wide range of Dublin topsoil products available to buy in many different sizes to suit your individual size and budget requirements. As well as being a more cost-effective purchase than pre-bagged soil from gardening shops, topsoil offers a completely new function, including better drainage and structural soundness than most other soils or peats on the market.

From paving to patio-laying, gardening to site clearance, the Get Stone Direct team has everything you need to make your property’s outdoor space as optimally functional as it can be.



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